Major Causes of Physiological and Psychological Injuries of Project Athletes: the Case of City Administration of Addis Ababa Yeka and Gullele Sub Cities

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Addis Ababa University


The study was conducted with the objectives of assessing the major causes of physiological and psychological injuries of project athletes. The study employed descriptive research method. The subjects of this study were 6 coaches, 92 athletes and 2 sport experts of City administration of Addis Ababa youth and sport Bureau. Random sampling method was employed to select the subjects. The data have been gathered through questionnaire, interviews and observation. The data have been analyzed using description research method through the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 20.0).Frequency and percentage distribution in the form of table was used to present and discus the data. Findings indicated that, lack of enough modern sports wears, over loaded training, facilities and equipment, lack of enough warming up exercise prior to the main training session, insufficient water drinking, inappropriate training area and lack of individualized training were the major causes of physiological injuries. Athletes were facing different physiological injuries specially thigh and hamstring muscle pains, ankle injuries, knee pain and calf and heel pain were the most commonly injuries happened to project athletes, Lack of treatment, feel of depression, lack of self confidence, being stressed and tense, Eating disturbances (more or less than usual) , Sleep disturbances (more or less than usual), Low energy , unexplained pain, Depression, spontaneous crying, despair and hopelessness, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Fearfulness, Compulsive and obsessive behaviors, Feeling out of control, Irritability, angry and resentment, Emotional numbness, Withdrawal from normal routine and relationships ,Difficulty making decisions, Decreased ability to concentrate, Feeling distracted were seen as symptoms of psychological injuries commonly associated with the project athletes.



Physiological Injuries, Psychological Injuries, Injury Prevention, Injury Rehabilitation