Factors Affecting Consumers’ Shoe Preference: the Case of Addis Ketema Sub-city on Domestic versus Imported Leather Shoes

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Addis Ababa University


This study designed to indicate factors affecting consumers shoe preference: domestic versus imported leather shoes. Specifically, to indicate how consumers evaluated both domestic and imported leather shoes interms of product quality, style and price, to examine to what extent these factors influenced the consumers’ shoe choice and to look whether there was difference or not between the age groups regarding their preference in Addis Ketema sub-city shoe market. In order to achieve its objectives the study gathered data from 180 leather shoe consumers in Addis Ketema shoe market through open and close ended questionnaires. The data were analyzed through help of statistical package for social science and micro soft excel software. The findings revealed that the imported leather shoe were superior in comfortability, fashionability and range of variety. But, Domestic leather shoes had competitive advantage interms of durability and price. The study also indicated that quality, style, price, friends and culture as the major factors influenced the consumers’ shoe preference. In addition, the result of the study discovered that there is difference in preference depending on consumers’ age groups.



Affecting Consumers’ Shoe Preference