The Practice and Challenges of Journalists in Reporting Road Traffic: The Case of Fana Broadcasting Corporate

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Addis Ababa University


Traffic accident is causing serious damage both globally and national. Although it is given less attention and effort, road traffic injury has been a matter of global health problem and taking the lives of productive citizens. The aim of the study was assessing the practice and challenges of journalists in reporting road traffic accident in Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC). To this end, the study used descriptive research design to examine the existing situation and identify the challenges faced during road traffic accident reporting with the help of survey research strategy. The study looked in to 101 respondents taken from road traffic Journalists. The research used both purposive sampling procedure and relies mainly on primary data with the help of questionnaire, interviews and secondary data sources. The collected data was analyzed using frequency, percentage, graph, tables and charts. The findings of the study revealed that the practice of road traffic accident reporting at Fana Broadcasting Corporate was performed at lower rates; owing to internal and external challenges. Based on the finding, give training for the journalist on the issues, allocation adequate resource, facilitate stakeholder participation, give adequate time to report RTA, government support medias that work on RTA, and establishing a station-wide separate department for road safety were provided recommendation.



Traffic Accident