Investigation of Quantum Properties of Output Radiation from Single-Mode Subharmonic Generator

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Addis Ababa University


In this project we studied the squeezing as well as the statistical properties of the output light produced by single-mode subharmonic generating system coupled to vacuum reservoir. We obtained the c-number Langevin equations employing the master equation for the system under consideration. Applying the solutions of these equations, we determined the anti-normally ordered characteristic function which enables us to obtain the Q function. Using the Q function, we have obtained the mean and variance of the photon number and photon number distribution for cavity mode. Moreover, with the aid of the solutions of c-number Langevin equations and input-output relation, we obtain the mean photon number, power spectrum, quadrature variance and quadrature squeezing for the output mode. Finally, for cavity and output mode we found that squeezing occurs in the plus quadrature. In addition, when single-mode subharmonic generator is coupled to vacuum reservoir, the output light generated by the system is in squeezed state and we found that there is 40% squeezing of the output light and 50% squeezing of the cavity light below the vacuum level at steady state and threshold.



Investigation of Quantum, Output Radiation, Single-Mode Subharmonic Generator