Impact of Municipal Solid Waste on Livestock Health in Woreda 4 (Gora) Akaki Kaliti Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Unmanaged Municipal solid waste (MSW) is a major pollutant of environment in cities and surroundings. The objective of this study was to assessthe impact of MunicipalSolid Wastes on the health of Livestock in Akaki Kaliti Woreda 4 specifically called Gora at the boundary of Oromia Regional State, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia based on the information obtained through questionnaires. From this Woreda,34 respondents who were cattle owners purposely selected. The objective was to assess the major impact of solid municipal wastes on the health of livestock. Data collection was done using structured questionnaire and Field observation.The study showed that Municipal Solid Waste hadimpact on health of Livestock. When they requested28 (88.4%) of respondents were found to be aware of the impact of MSW, 6(17.6%) weren’t sure its impact; 27(79.4%)respondents responded that MSW caused Livestock to be sick, 7(20.6%) had no livestock gotten sick; regarding the types of Livestock highly affected 20(74.1%) responded all types of livestock could have got affected, 7(25.9%) responded that horses and donkeys were highly affected. It was recommended that the Akaki Kaliti Woreda 4 and Addis Ababa Solid Waste Management Agency (AASWMA) work and put guidelines on Municipal Solid Wastes management. Additionally, livestock owners should be aware and be trained how to feed quality and safe foodto livestock to eliminate health problem of Livestock.



Livestock, Livestock Owners, Municipal Solid Waste, Akaki-Kaliti Sub- City