Assessment on the use of Workplace Childcare and its Effects on Working Mother: the case of Mechare Childcare Center

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Addis ababa university


he introduction of childcare service have been applauded by many, as it is believed to enable mothers to care for their child while working, hence bring a positive impact on their lives. As the idea and the use of childcare services itself is a new concept to our country, it is the aim of this study to determine the actual benefits workplace childcare has brought to the lives of working mothers. In doing so, cross sectional and case study qualitative research methods was used. Among the non-probability sampling, purposive sampling was used to select fifteen study participants, which includes working mothers (services users) and supervisory of the childcare. Primary and secondary data were collected through in-depth interview and document review. The following are the major findings of the study; most of the mothers have claimed to have psychological benefits: being free from stress of work, being close by to their child which help the mother to feel self-confidence and self-esteem as it enable them to balance work and family responsibilities, and since the service enabled them to feel less stress, they are able to cope with the challenges of their life and become happier. They also testify the economic benefits both from not losing their work and being able to access better childcare services, without having to pay for the service, especially for low income generating mothers. The other benefits are expressed as being able to address their social needs from relations with mothers and share experience and help each other at time of crises and problems. Based on all the finding of this researcher, the researcher of this paper would like to suggest that, research on how to make quality childcare services more available throughout the country would be direction to future researchers. Key word. Workplace childcare, working mother, work-life balance



Workplace childcare, working mother, work-life balance