Comparative Analysis on Local and International Administered by Comparative Analysis on Factors Affecting Performance and International Contractors in Road Projects Administered by Ethiopian Roads Authority Performance of Road Projects Ethiopian Roads Authority

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Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) representing the Government of Ethiopia manages road construction projects in Ethiopia. Local and International contractors are carrying out substantial portion of these road construction projects. However, most of the road projects are suffering from factors negatively affecting the performance of both Local and International contractors. Identifying the major factors affecting the performance of Local and International contractors plays essential role in devising appropriate measures to improve the performance of contractors to complete projects within the desired performance requirements. A total of (37) factors that influence performance of Local and International contractors and a total of (15) factors that particularly influence the performance of International contractors were identified based on the literature review. The identified factors were categorized into groups depending on types of performance process and statistical analyses of their significance were carried out based on the questionnaire survey with senior professionals from both groups of contractors. The outcome of these analyses showed that all respondents agreed that the performance of the contractors were influenced by all the factors indicated in the questionnaire and the top ten factors which significantly affect performance were then identified. Recommendation towards improvement of the current performance for Local and International contractors and ERA are illustrated, which include: Local contractors shall ensure that they have enough capital base and proper cash flow and capacity building of high level professionals and intermediate skilled personnel to be given prior attention; International contractors shall have project knowledge of the specific country they plan to work with; and ERA shall establish independent right-of-way team and stipulate the approval of claims with the time-frame so as to facilitate the progress of works. Future research is recommended, focus in studying the effect of the identified performance factors both on the contractors and road projects administered by ERA.



Construction Industry, Contractors performance, International construction, Project performance factors