The Management of Distance Education in Private Colleges of Oromia Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to examine and investigate the management of distance education teacher training program at degree level in private colleges in Oromia Regional state and eventually to provide alternative recommendations against the identified problems. To this purpose, descriptive survey method was employed to investigate what the actual management of distance education in the region looked like. Accordingly the research study sample was selected from 11 tutorial centers which involved 300 trainees, 15 coordinators, 30 tutors, 2 deans 1 from each college, 1 officer, 2 experts from OEB and 2 senior experts from Higher Education Qualify Agency (HERQA) altogether 352 respondents. Data analysis were made by using statistical tools such as percentage, t-test, spear's manS rank order correlation coefficient test and one-way ANOVA to identify whether there were differences or· agreements in the view of the respondents. The study findings indicated miss-match between the needs and distribution of course materials, lack of commitment of coordinators and administrative staff, ineffective face-to-face program, lack of counseling, and lack of effective evaluation and control mechanisms. Thus, the result in general indicated problems related to managerial incapacity. Finally, in order to alleviate these problems, timely distribution course materials proportionate to the number of trainees, strengthening the fact-to -face program according to the needs of the trainees fulfilling facilities, developing experience of other countries on the use of alternative medias were recommended to address the problem understudy.



Management of Distance Education