Proposing Information System Adoption Framework for Effective Educational Service Delivery: The Case of Addis Ababa Tegbareid Polly Technique College

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Addis Ababa University


Information System (IS) is a critical asset for higher education institutions and support institutional strategic objectives. In developing countries where higher education is fraught with serious challenges at multiple levels, there is increasing pressure to ensure that a best information system adoption should be put in place in the context of educational needs. It is necessary for IS adoption to consider several important aspects, such as the direction of technological development in accordance with the strategic plan. The objective of this study is to propose information system adoption framework that enhances the effectiveness of IS for educational service delivery by Addis Ababa Tegebareid Polly Technique College. This study, however, only focuses on the two aspects of IS adoption; the effective educational service delivery and use of IS. In order to find answers to the research questions, the study follows Design Science Research Methodology (DSRM). Interview, direct observation and questionnaire were employed in order to get information on the current practice of education IS adoption in AATPTC. Accordingly, the findings of the study shows that the organization is not implemented information system in suitable manner, and the IS adoption critical failure factors are identified and described in to three theoretical models: environmental theme, organizational theme and technological theme which are used in designing the proposed framework. The study found that the current education IS adoption should be modeled to include the vital IS adoption framework. Policy, awareness, skill, resources, user involvement and top management support were suggested to improve the current education IS adoption practice. Finally, the proposed education IS adoption framework were demonstrated and evaluated in terms of component’s completeness, comprehensiveness and fitness to the organization through an evaluation questionnaire and expert interview. Accordingly, the framework has a 92.8% overall satisfaction.



IS Use, IS Adoption Framework, IS Adoption for Educational Service Delivery