The Relationship between Coaches' Leadership Styles to Performance Outcome and Player's Satisfaction: the Case of Selected Women's Premier League Clubs

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Addis Abeba university


his study of leadership, performance outcomes and players satisfaction in the level of women soccer programs focused on four women soccer clubs (Dedebit, Ethiopa commercial bank, St.Gorge, St.mary university) which centre in Addis Ababa city Adminstrative. The purpose of this study was to examine what role with relationship of leadership style to performance outcomes and players satisfaction in Ethiopian women soccer programs. It is important to find out the characteristics of effective leadership styles with in the soccer clubs structure for developing a successful team . In their study, they found players who perceived their coaches as being more compatible, evaluated the coaches' communication ability and player-support levels more favorably. Conversely, if athletes disagreed with the coachers goals, personality, and/or beliefs, some of the psychological needs of the players were not met. . In this study both questionnaire and descriptive survey method was employed. Questionnaire was dominantly used as data collection instrument; unstructured interview and observation also used in this process. Data collected through questionnaire were analyzed by using frequency counts and percentages; where as the data collected through interview and observation were analyzed through descriptive statement. Key words: leadership, leadership style, satisfaction, performance outcomes



leadership, leadership style, satisfaction, performance outcomes