Practices and Challenges of Physical Education Teachers in Teaching-Learning Process in Case of Some Selected High Schools of Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba university


The study aimed at identifying the challenges of teacher and suggests potential solutions to the challenges. Three basic questions were raised to achieve the objectives of the study. To answer those basic research questions, descriptive survey research method was employed. Teachers, internal and external supervisors, school administrators, education experts and students are participants of this study. The school and the participant were selected by purposive and random sampling method. All the remaining samples are all are selected because their numbers are small so there are purposes full for the relevancy to get important information about study. The study found the challenge related with teacher (personal) and related with the administrator. Those factors are large class size, time management, lack of material, lack of skill attitude, experience etc. for further improvement of teaching effectiveness those challenges must avoid and suggested as potential solutions to the proper implementation of effective teaching of Physical education. Key words: physical education, Effective teaching-learning process, administration, curriculum implementation, challenges



Physical education; Effective teaching-learning process, administration; curriculum implementation; challenges