Service Delivery Reform Tools: The Case of Citizen’s Charter in Bole Sub City

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The study was conducted on the Public Service Delivery reform tools: the case of Citizen’s Charter in Bole sub city. The main purpose of this study is to map the achievement and challenges of citizen’s charter in Addis Ababa city government the case of Bole sub city and to map citizen’s level of satisfaction with services after the implementation of the citizen’s charter in the sub city. For the purpose of the study the researcher collected both the primary secondary data from different sources especially, from the sub city’s land management and administration office in order to assess the overall practice of the charter. The primary data was collected by using a questionnaire for the customers of the office and interview conducted with the concerned bodies of the office. In this study, the survey method is applied by using quantitative method and in a descriptive way and qualitative method for interview part of the study. The correlation results of the study revealed that, all dimensions (principles of the charter) have a significant and positive relation with customer’s satisfaction. Given the overall performance of the institution, the change does not mean that the reform process will be carried out efficiently and effectively. Although the institute is relatively tries to be transparent and accountable in the implementation of the basic process change study, rent seeking attitudes and practices are widespread, according to study participants and office staffs. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher points out different solutions in order to resolve the problems faced by the office including: providing technology based services on the service delivery, provision of superior service, testing institutional work culture and effectiveness, conducting periodic surveys to determine the status of service delivery improvements, making the reform tool to be continuous, conducting experiences with other institutions and capacity building of employees. Key words: Citizen’s charter, Reform, Public Service, Customer satisfaction, quality services



Customer Satisfaction, Public Service