An Investigation the Challenges that Affect The Success of Short Distance Running; the case of Ethiopian National Team

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Addis Abeba university


This research has investigating the challenges that affect the success of short distance running at Ethiopian national team. The researcher used 30 (thirty) athletes, 4 (four) coaches and 4 (four) Ethiopian Athletics Federation experts were purposefully selected. Questionnaire, interview and document analysis were used as tools for data collection instruments. Frequency distribution and percentage were calculated for data analysis. In general, the results and findings show, Athletes selection criteria, lack of motivation and interest, lack of facilities, medical care, nutrition and coaches qualification upgrading found to be poor. Job integration among the federations, clubs, coaches, athletes and other concerned bodies were not smooth and effective. Further unplanned and unsupervised personal trainings and competitions; number of coaches and athletes were not proportional. Future research should be concentrate on how intervene the problems of short distance runners at Ethiopian national team. Keywords: challenges, athletes, motivation, facility, success, national team



Challenges; Athletes; Motivation; Facility; Success; National Team