Development of Efficient Biogas Injera Baking Stove

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Addis Ababa University


Injera baking is the most energy intensive process. The wide spread use of wood cutting for fuel is the primary cause of deforestation in Ethiopia. About 95% of the total energy consumption in Ethiopia mostly comes from biomass fuels. Historically Ethiopia was mostly covered with forest up to recently. In the past 50 years the land covered by forest has dropped from approximately 50% to less than 3%. Some experts attribute this is mostly due to forest clearing for cultivation and cutting wood for fuel. Biogas is just a clever way of exploiting nature without - destroying it. It is well suited to household cooking. Biogas has been successfully used to several food cooking stoves with single or double biogas burners. In this thesis, biogas injera baking stove which uses biogas as a source of energy is presented. The main objective is to develop a biogas stove for baking injera from domestic biogas stoves. Most of the domestic biogas stoves have single or double horizontal biogas burners. The designed (developed) injera baking stove has nine vertical burners. According to the diameter of injera baking pan and amount of energy needed for baking injera, the nozzle diameter, number of burner and number of flame ports are designed for uniform heat distribution all over the radius of baking pan. The developed (designed) stove is manufactured and the test is done using LPG as a source of energy due to unavailability of biogas.



Injera Baking Stove, Biogas