Word Formation in Oremo

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Addis Ababa University


Word formation is a process of creatin9 new words from existing . _a. Derivation aDll ceape\IIIIIU.Df are tile .. at c_n precessea ef word formation. Xn this study, an atteapt is aade to des=i.e such verd foraation processes in Oromo. The aain body of the paper haa two parts. Xn the first part derviational processes are described. Xt is shown that different lexical categories are derived by adding various affixes to bases belonging to different lexical categories; and that the addition of the affixes entails different properties of phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. In the second part, the process of compounding is desCribed. Xt is shown that different lexical categories are formed by combining two words or stems ; and that such a process also entails different phonological, IIOrphological, syntactic and seaantic characteristics. Furtheraore, the gaps to be found in the combination of different lexical categories in word formation of the language are explained.



Word Formation