Perceived Causes of Violence against Women: A Case of Prisoners from Fitche Prison Center, North Shoa Zone, Oro Mia Region.

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Addis Ababa University


The ,HlidV attempted to identify perceived causes oj'violence against women among l,risoneJ's in I''iche Frison ( 'enter, North Shoa ;Cone oj'Ol'lJlIlia region The participants oj' the Slllt.~J' lrere perpetrators cOl11l11ilfed \'iolence ogoins/ Il'omen and sefPing senlence in Fitche Prison Center I I towl oj'20S mndol1lh' selected lIIale prisoners lI'ere incilided in the stlld)!. Qllestionnaire ,vas IIsed to gather inj'ormation aholit the perceived .fclIl/ilial, p.,ychological, social, physical and cliitliret! .fi,ctors Ihal led perpetrators to con'lIl1it violence against lI'omen ef!eCl.I' oj'violence on them and methods to prevent it, Focused (;r()up /)isclIssio/1 (;I/;de und ,)'em;-s/rl1Cllfred inlelTiell' 11'er e a/so employed 'f'he data uh/ained IFere al1a~\':::ed using percentage. According to the .findings oj' the study, the causes or the determinant .filc/(}/'s .fiJI' cOli/milling violence agains'! lI'omen ,,,ere familial (37 %), p,lychological (-/2,05 %). social (-156%), physical (365 %), and cliltllral (-16,8 %). II large number oj're,ljJondents lI'ere reared h,' single ./illllih ' (33,OIJ %), sllhjected to violence (56.3%), influenced by Iheir peer {() drink. sll10ck and chell' (72,2%) and '''ere c(,//'Iying ,,,eapons (6 1.8%). 68. 7% "'ere also beliej' ;11 the suhordination oj' ,,,omen. II large pmjJortion oj' perpetralors reported sufFering ./i'0I/1 gllilty ./eeling (293%). Beller understanding oj' couses oj' \'io/ence. addJ'essin,':!. men /0 end violence against lIIomen. Oi lioreness creation activifies. changing the tl'{fditional gender role allitlldes and edllcating lI'omen on their right and ohl;'f!,Oliol7 lI'ere reco/1/l7Icndothms./i)rll '(I/'{./ed hosed ()nlhejindin,2, a/fhe research.



Violence against Women