Some Aspects of the Status of Women Among the Konso of Southern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this paper is to present the ethnography of Konso women and to document their activities and status based on the different categorical division of women as farmer women, craft-women and as wives of the spiritual leader. Research methods used to conduct this study include key informant method, focus group discussion, participant observation, case studies and, in a limited scale, survey method. Even if I encountered some limitations with regard to time, I tried my best to look in to the life and status of Konso women in their different roles and interaction in the society. Findings from the study indicate that the konso women are very hard working and their contribution to their family and the society are immense. There is no work as such that the women in Konso do not involve in, except few. But, however hard working the Konso women are, due to social, cultural and less regard to women's domestic labor contribution and income earning activities like marketing, they are holding a secondary status and subordinated position to men. This study even if it is not a complete account of the Konso women, will give some insight about the status and condition of Konso women. It also gives some insight about konso society and can serve as a background for those who want to study the Konso women. Moreover, it may also serve policy makers and development agents to use it to improve the social, cultural and economic conditions of Konso women in particular, and the Konso people in general.



Women Among the Konso