Supply Chain Performance Assessment of Malting Industry: The Case of Soufflet Malt Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This research is to assess Supply Chain performance of malting industry in the case of Soufflet Malt Ethiopia. The study used six supply chain performance variables with each variable measured with specific indicators. The six variables are integration and collaboration with key strategic suppliers, supply chain responsiveness, Supply chain reliability, Supply chain Agility, Operational cost, and warehouse management. The total population of the study is 300 and using Stratified random sampling techniques 80 respondents used for this study. Descriptive and Explanatory research design is applied and both qualitative and quantitative data collected from the respondents that are directly involving in malt supply chain. Questionnaire and semi structured interview used to collect data. The quantitative data was analysed by using SPSS for descriptive statistics and qualitative data was used to further explain the finding from quantitative data. The findings of the study show overall Soufflet Malt Ethiopia Supply chain Performance is good in respective to integration with key strategic suppliers, reliability, responsiveness, and Agility. This research also indicate that Soufflet Malt Ethiopia need to work more on cost reduction and warehouse management. Additionally, suppliers are less reliable due to many factors in the ground and further action plan is required to solve this problem in the future. Establishing long term relationship with stakeholders in Malt Barley Supply chain is important. In conclusion, Soufflet Malt Ethiopia is strong in SC reliability, responsiveness, and Agility. Discussion and Joint planning with suppliers need to be improved.



Supply Chain performance, Assessment case, Soufflet Malt Ethiopia.