The Relationship Between Parental Child rearing Practices, and Values with Children’s Academic Achievement: the Case of Wereda in Raya Alamata

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship between parental child rearing, practices and values with children’s academic achievement. The study was carried out in case of a Wereda in Raya-Alamata that is found in the Southern Zone of Tigray Regional National State. A mixed method approach was used to supplement the quantitative data. Qualitative data was collected through interviewing the key informants and focus group discussions, while quantitative data was collected through questionnaire surveys. The findings of the data analysis showed that the family size and parental income were not significantly related with the students’ academic achievement. Similarly, there were no significant differences in the students’ academic achievement due to the educational levels of the parents, whereas there was a significant difference result in students’ academic achievement the occupational types of the parents. Moreover, the results showed that there was a significant relationship between the variable of parental values and children’s academic achievement. This showed that parental values had a positive and significant relationship with children’s academic achievement. On the other hand, among the child rearing variables namely parental nurturance, parental responsiveness and parental control were significantly and positively related with the children’s academic achievement, whereas there was no significant relationship between the parental consistency and the children’s academic achievement. Accordingly, it could be concluded that the occupational types of the parents were found out to be the most important underlying factors together with the proximate factors that contributed to the children’s academic achievement. Generally speaking, based on the findings of the study, conclusions were drawn; suggestions and recommendations were made for the parents, the school teachers, the community, the concerned governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations



Raya alamata