An Assessment of The Challenges of Technical Vocational Education And Training Institution In Arada Sub City of Addis Ababa: The Case of Birhane Ethiopia Tvet Institute

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The major purpose of this study was to assess the challenges of TVET institute in Arada Sub- City of Addis Ababa: the case of Birhane Ethiopia TVET institution. To achieve this objective, data were collected from trainers and trainees using questionnaires .Furthermore, data was also collected from the dean and administrator and TVET Agencies through in depth interview. Totally ,six participants were interviewed using interview questions the interviewee were the TVET institute Dean, the Arada sub-city TVET Agency Accreditation-Reaccreditation supervisor, the city government TVET Agency work based training, and three administrator of the institute. Questionnaires were also distributed to 230 respondents of the TVET institution and 220 questionnaires collected and ready for analysis. The rest 10 of the respondents were unable to collect and respond to the questionnaires by different meanness the respondents from the institute were selected by using stratified sampling followed by simple random sampling .out of the total population 58(53males and 5 females teaching staff, 45 trainers (40males and 5 females were selected out of 436 trainees (273 males and 163 females) 175 trainees (125 males and 50 females were selected and ready for analysis. The finding revealed that the physical setting of the institute was not confortable for teaching learning. Furthermore, the institutions objective was not in line with the national TVET strategic policy. Besides there was Knowledge gap among trainers .Finally there was lack of human and material resource above all there was no vocational guidance and counseling as a result student selection and placement was a problematic , Thus, the researcher recommended the establishment of Board of vocational Guidance and counselors, the need for providing training to the teaching staff about the objective of TVET, the need to encourage stakeholder’s active participation and adhering to occupational standards set as to ensure the provision of good quality vocational education and training.



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