Special Status Agreement Between Ethiopia and Kenya: Ethiopian Perspective on Lapsset Project

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia and Kenya signed several agreements and have been developing joint infrastructural projects. Mainly, the study would assess the Special Status Agreement between Ethiopia and Kenya and explore perspectives on LAPSSET. This study employed Qualitative approach method. Drawing on qualitative method, data were collected from primary and secondary sources. Interviews were conducted and furthermore, secondary data was used to corroborate the primary data collected. The significant finding is that the SSA signed with the objective of elevating the economic relations of the two countries and granting special status to trade, investment, infrastructure and food security and sustainable livelihoods seems to lack commitment from both sides. Besides, the LAPSSET brings in South Sudan in to the equation to significantly boost trade, tourism and investment. Low level of trade has been noted throughout because of tariff and non-tariff barriers. By conclusion, implementation of SSA is very low, much more needed to be done to ensure the effective implementation, and Ethiopia has to give much emphasis to the realization of big infrastructural projects in the frame work of LAPSSET.



LAPSSET, Special Status Agreement, Implementation, Trade, Ethiopia and Kenya