Learning Psychological Concepts Through Lecture Versus Reading Module: an Experimental Study

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Addis Ababa University


Method of teaching concepts is one among other factors affecting students' performance but it is not given much attention among educators. This study was based on the premise that research findings contribute to identifying appropriate methods of teaching, which can facilitate student performance. It mainly aimed at investigating the effectiveness of teaching psychological concepts through lecturing versus reading module in Africa Beza College. The sample consisted of 127 randomly selected second year Accounting students at Africa Beza College, Shashemene and Addis Ababa campuses. Out of the total population of 430 regular students, 30% (that is 127) participated in the study; of which 57 belonged to the control and 70 belonged to the experimental groups respectively. At the begilming, the researcher tried to see their CGP A re , ult to know their achievement and also pre-test was given on the topic of the experiment i.e. memory (Remembering and forgetting). Both results indicate that there were no statistically significant difference between the control and experimental groups at the beginning. After that, the researcher prepared eleven lessons for control and experimental groups for a period of 4 to 8 weeks consecutively. At the end, post-test was prepared based on the lessons and was administered to both groups. The result showed that there is a statistically significant difference between the control and experimental groups on the topic of memory uses test. This difference was found among the higher achievers of both the Control and the Experimental groups, where as the difference among the lower achievers of both groups was not significant. Therefore, the finding of the study shows that reading the material favors high achieving students, in similar manure, the lecture method affects achievement of high achieving students