Challenges of Short Distance Athletes Runners: With Special Reference to The Ethiopian National Athletics Team

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Addis Abeba university


The main purpose of this study is identify major problems that hinders short distance sprints particularly 100 meter 200 meters in Ethiopian athletics federation. The research method employed to reach to investigation was descriptive survey. The data was collected through questionnaires, interview and observation questionnaire prepared in Amharic have been distributed to 40 athletes and seven coaches interview was conducted with administrative personnel’s and field observation was used. The gathered data were analyzed using quantitative and qualitative. The research revealed the following results lack of quality and quantity of training running truck, lack of scientific training method shortage of qualified coaches, lack of mutual understanding and communication between coaches and athletes unavailability of nitrate food all these problems can be solved. If the federation gives attention and strive to come to solution, sufficient budget should be allocate to fulfill sport materials upgrade coaches with continuous periodic trainings course to improve their coaching style. Keywords: challenges, athletes, motivation, facility, success, national team



Challenges; Athletes; Motivation; Facility; Success; National Team