Employees Perception of Staff Turnover in Four Star Local Hotel in Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


Studies done regarding Labor Turnover in the Service Industry across the world indicate that, the Hospitality sector leads with many employees’ changing jobs from time to time. In Addis Ababa, very little has been documented on the causes of labor turnover in the Hotel Industry. Thus, the objective of this study was assessing the factors that contribute for the staff turnover in the four star category independent Hotels of Addis Ababa. The study adopted descriptive survey research design, and involved a total of 316 permanently employed staff working in the Hotels. The entire four star independent hotels have been taken for the study. Simple random sampling method was used to pick the respondents for this study. The research finding revealed that; Non-Competitive Compensation Package, Non-Conducive Working Environment and Provisions of Better Working Conditions by the Newly Opening Hotels are the three main reasons why employees of the selected hotel groups leave their job. It is therefore recommended that, the management should improve the pay scale, working condition for the employees as well as better minimize Intervention of owners in their job in professional operations. Keywords: Star-Rated Hotels, Independent Hotels, Employee Turnover, Working Environment



Star-Rated Hotels, Independent Hotels, Employee Turnover, Working Environment