Customer Relationship Management and Its Influence on Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The main aim of this study was Customer relationship management and its influence on customer’s satisfaction: The Case of CBE. Questionnaires for customers are developed by using Likert scale approach to rate their responses and the data were collected from 400 sample branch customers who were selected randomly from 10 sample bank branches and interview was also used to collect data from managers of the sample bank branches. The collected data were organized and analyzed using SPSS version 22. Further, the collected data were analyzed through descriptive statistics, to investigate the relationship between customer relationship components (independent variables) and customers’ satisfaction (dependent variables).The questionnaires were consisted of three parts: respondents’ demographic characteristics, customer relationship management components (sales force automation, service quality, human resource, marketing, years of service relationship and work flow automation) and customers’ satisfaction. The descriptive statistics result of the sample CBE branches revealed that the respondent customers are highly satisfied with the average results of the sales force automation of component of customer relationship management by 319 (79.8%). It is followed by human resource and service quality i.e. 278 (69.5%) and 277 (69.3%) respectively. It was found that 194 (48.5%) of the respondents are not satisfied with years of experience with the bank.Thus, the researcher recommended that: managerial efforts have to be raised in order to increase customer satisfaction by fully implementing and making follow-up the six CRM components in all branches, the bank should design means for communication and integration among the core process in CBE,improving technological infrastructure, net work and power interruption. Key words: Customer relationship management, Customer’s satisfaction and Banking industry.



Customer relationship management, Customer’s satisfaction and Banking industry