Challenges of Urban Plan Implementation In Oromia Region: The Case of Sebeta Town Three Kebeles In Focus

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Addis Ababauniversity


Sebeta town has got a structure plan in 2007. The prepared plan was intended to guide and fasten the economic development of the town for 10 years, 20 17. However, the prepared structure plan has a multifaceted problem. There are complaints from var ious stakeholders that there is poor structure plan implementat ion in the town. As a result, the land resource of the town was extravagantly ut ilized and exposed for wastage by the technical staff, administrators and brokers. Furthermore, the plan was subjected to modification before its planning period. Hence, the above mentioned problems have prompted the researcher to make research on this topic. The ge neral objective of this study is therefore to examine the major problems associated with the implementation of the Sebeta structure plan and to identify the factors that affect the proper implementation of the plan with particular emphasis to its technical aspects. Accordingly, to look into the issue deeply, the study used descriptive and exp lorato ry research design and qualitative research approach. The findi ng of the study revealed that the structure plan was not properly implemented and lacked plan evalu at ion, monitoring. Hence, one can easily see irregular and irrational development as well as incompatible land uses in the town. The cause for the poor plan implementation was emanated from both the plan preparation and its implementation. Therefore, although the municipality has taken some measures to alleviate the poor plan implementation, it could not consider as enough action. Up on the findings the researcher has forwarded the fo llowing recommendations: preparing implementation guidelines, prov iding capacity building and performing periodic monitoring and evaluatio n, preparing action area plan, and implementation phase and etc



Oromia Region: The Case of Sebeta Town Three Kebeles In Focus