Evaluation Of The Electronic Health Record (EHR) System In Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) Maternal And Child Health Centers

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Addis Ababa University


The use of EHRs lowers medical errors by providing healthcare workers with problem solving capabilities, enhanced health information flow, and decision support through prompt access to the medical literature and best practices in medicine. The advantage of implementing EHR is more intensified in facilities where there is high volume of patients, complex work flow, frequent emergency situation and involving multiple personnel. The existing few research on EHR are addressing problems of EHR implementation. But post-implementation evaluation of the system is minimal, especially in Ethiopia. The current study will evaluate The EHR implementation effectiveness in Marie stopes International Ethiopia’s Maternal and Child health Centers. A cross sectional facility based study design with a formative evaluation approach is used to assess the availability, usefulness and user satisfaction level of the EHR system implemented at Gotera (Addis Ababa), Bahir Dar and Adama MCH centers. Data was collected using structured, self-administered questionnaire from 54 participants. The collected data was entered to SPSS version 20 and cleaned. Availability of computer with EHR system installed was 98.15% and 66.67% of the respondents received training on EHR system and from participants who received training 94.83 % of them found the training adequate. Usefulness of EHR system is assessed in six departments: Inpatient, Outpatient, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Reception cashiers and MCH managers. The minimum rate of use and usefulness was from Pharmacy department (48.33%).User satisfaction with usefulness of the system is 86.56%. The result of overall EHR implementation effectiveness was 85.31% which was rated as very good. Average score of availability, usefulness and satisfaction was rated as very good. The overall EHR implementation is effectiveness was also rated as Very good. Suggested improvements regarding training and EHR Implementation in Pharmacy department should be acted upon to ensure effective utilization of the system.



Electronic health record, Availability, usefulness, satisfaction