Factor Affecting Implementation of Handball Training In Some Selected Preparatory School of East Shoa Zone

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Addis Abeba university


This study aims at investigating the extent of implementation of students training hand ball in some selected preparation schools of Oromiya region of East Shoa zone. The implementation of students training hand ball approach with respect to students, interest and needs interpreted in the study. The availability of facility and equipment in the schools and the practicing ability of PE teachers also interpreted. The study employed descriptive survey research method and the samples for the study are selected using purposive and stratified sampling technique. The subject of the study are 130 students, 3 school directors and 3 PE teachers of preparatory school of east Shoazone in the sampled school are include as sources of data. Questionnaire, interview and observation are the instrument of the data collection. The result is the schools do not have adequate and enough material to provide implementation of training hand ball. The problem of planning training and organize in hand ball training of teacher response lack of instructional material, lack of skilled man power to enforce. Additionally the students have low attitude, needs and interest to training hand ball. As conclusion that the students participation in the implementation of training hand ball law because of low participation hand ball training and competition, the majority of the students were not interested to training hand ball. It includes that lack of sufficient of facility. KEY WORD: Handball, training, implementation and physical education



Handball; Training; Implementation and Physical Education