Genome Wide Marker Trait Association Study, Molecular Characterization and Pathogenic Variability Among Pseudocercospora Griseola (Sacc.) Crous & Braun, Isolates the Causal Agent of Angular Leaf Spot Disease of Common Bean in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Angular leaf spot caused by the fungus Pseudocercospora griseola is one of the most economically important disease affecting common bean production in Ethiopia. Until now no information has been generated regarding the pathotype and pathogenic variability and its distribution in Ethiopia. Hence, the aim of this study was to characterize and determine the diversity among 39 isolates of P. griseola collected from diverse common bean growing areas of Ethiopia. A total of 21 pathotypes of P. griseola (63:63, 63:59, 63:23, 61:51, 56:36, 55:39, 49:7, 48:60, 42:59, 41:10, 34:53, 23:61, 19:33, 17:45, 8:18, 8:0, 4:16, 1:24, 1:10, 16:18. and 4:37) were determined among 39 isolates using 12 sets of Angular leaf spot common bean differentials and the result revealed the presence of high and diverse pathogenic variability of this economically important fungus in Ethiopia. Among the determined P. griseola pathotypes 63:59 and 19:33 were the most frequently appeared. The occurrence of pathotype 63:63 the broadest virulence spectrum was also determined in the study this pathotype was the most virulent that caused leaf spot on all 12 sets of common bean differential genotypes. Among the determined P. griseola pathotypes the occurrence of 63:63, 63:59 and 63:23 pathotypes in central America and Argentina were also reported. This will be the first comprehensive report of P. griseola pathotypes existing in the common bean growing areas of Ethiopia. Except for the pathotype that were compatible with Andean groups (8:0), most of the isolates were pathogenic to both Andean and Mesoamerican gene pools and based on that pathogens were grouped and classified as Mesoamerican origin pathotypes. This specific study provided major information about the pathogenic diversity and pathotype of P. griseola the causal agent for the angular leaf spot disease of common bean endemic to Ethiopia. Hence, the information obtained will also help to breeders working in common bean improvement program to develop cultivars with enhanced tolerance and/or resistance through gene deployment and marker aided pyramiding technique.



Pseudocercosporea Griseola, Pathotype Variability, Pathogenic Variability