Assessment Of Employee Training And Development On Project Performance: The Case Of Addis Ababa Water And Sewerage Authority Water And Sanitation Development And Rehabilitation Project Office

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Addis Ababa University


The focus of this study was to assess employee training and development on project performance undertaken by AAWSA Water and Sanitation Development and Rehabilitation Project Office. In this study cross sectional data was collected using self-administered questionnaire containing quantitative and qualitative question. In this study 38 sample size was used. The interviewed person was also purposively selected from the HRD and engineering department who have full information about the issues under consideration. Descriptive statistics was employed to analyze the data. The study indicated that 34.3% of the respondent was agreed that the training provided by the project office had improved their project performance. The organization used off-the-job training methods as ascertained by 57.9% of the respondents. It was also found that the project office had exercised training needs assessment, as agreed by 31.6% of the participants, to identify training needs of the employees at three levels i.e. organizational analysis, task and individual analysis. The study recommended that in order for project office to be successful and build potential and strengthen employees’ competencies, it should provide adequate training and development opportunities and coaching for employees who are not identified as high potentials. Although existing training needs assessment practices of the project office are good, it is recommended that training and development program should be designed based on systematically and professionally analyzed needs assessment and ensure participatory training needs assessment. The project office should apply on-the-job training methods to be more effective as most of the activities are technical.



Employee, Training and Development, Training Needs Assessment, Project Performance