Propagation and Management Practices of Coffee (Coffea Arabica L.) at the Coffee Nursery Site of Lalo Kebele, Didu Wereda, Ilu-Aba-Bora Zone, Oromia Regional State.

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Addis Ababa University


Coffee is the major agricultural export crop, providing currently 35% of Ethiopia‟s foreign exchange earnings, down from 65% a decade ago because of the slump in coffee prices since the mid-1990„s. this research work was conducted by identifying and providing the necessary information about the propagation and management practices of coffee on nursery site of Lalo Kebele, Didu Wereda, Ilu-Aba-Bora Zone, Oromia Regional State. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews, discussions with the farmers and/or development agents, and field observations. The study found that a combination of forest soil, top soil and compost promoted growth of coffee seedlings. According to the present study, sound fertilization of seedling provides the following advantages: (1) Production of healthy coffee seedlings and subsequently productive coffee plants; (2) Uniform growth; (3) Fast growth of seedlings; and, (4) High post-planting survival rate. Application of commercial fertilizer to seedlings enhanced the growth of these, especially the application of DAP. Sowing coffee seeds at a depth of 1 cm with the grooved side placed downwards and embryo tip upwards improved seed germination. Covering the seed bed with 3-5 cm mulch enhanced higher germination. Transplanting germinants to a freshly prepared nursery bed, followed by watering at two days interval, helped speed up hypocotyls emergence and subsequent seedling development. Further, providing moderate overhead shade and watering to the developing seedlings twice a week until these produced up to four leaves were found to be mandatory for a high quality seedling production. Keeping nursery hygiene and controlling seedling disease are also major activities at Lalo coffee nursery. Sowing mature, freshly collected and clean coffee seeds after soaking these in cold water for 24 hours hastened germination. It was observed that hardening is generally done by reducing the amount of watering about one month before the date of planting.



Coffee Nursery, Didu Wereda, Ilu-Aba-Bor, Mulching, Overhead Shade