Investigation into Crisis Communication Management Plan and Practices: In the case of Yes Brands Food & Beverage PLC.

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Addis Ababa University


This study focuses on the investigation of crisis communication management plan and practices in the case of Yes Brands Food & Beverage PLC. A mixed study approach with descriptive type of research design was employed. The researcher used a questionnaire and an in-depth interview to obtain data from the respondents. The study used random and purposive sampling techniques. The data was analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Six key informants participated in in-depth interviews that produced data that was thematically examined. Additionally, important records such as the crisis communication management plan and other documents were explored and analyzed. The researcher has employed Situational Crisis Communication (SCCT) and explored the crisis communication approaches. The results showed that the company has not yet adopted a scientific approach to strategic crisis communication. As an illustration, the company's pre-crisis action appeared to lack comprehension and expertise of crucial pre-crisis activities including assembling and using a crisis communication team, spotting indications or potentially risky issues, and appointing a well-trained crisis time spokesperson, except the crisis communication plan that was not used in the crisis time. The study also revealed that the company’s crisis response effort was very poor. According to the data, the character and communication skill of the managers during the crisis stage was not satisfactory. Concerning channels of communications, the study observed that the company partially used one new media (face book) during crisis time. In conclusion, this thesis prevailed recommendations aiming on the three stages of a crisis to save reputational resources, maintain smooth relationships with stakeholders, and have a strong crisis communication effort.



Crisis management, Crisis Communication Strategy.