Assessment The Implementation Pracrices Of Project Management Process Group In The Case Of Nekemte-Bure Road Construction Project

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Addis Ababa University


Project management process and practices are recognized as an important factor in order to achieve better performance of projects. The purpose of the study was to examine the implementing practices of project management process groups (scoping, planning, launching, monitoring and controlling) and project management performance at Nekemte-Bure road construction projects. The target population for this study were client representatives, consultants and contractor teams, the total population was 128.The sampling techniques that the researcher was used censes method. Data was collected from 107 study participants through quantitatively by distributing the questioner paper and qualitatively through interviews. The questionnaire was validated and its internal consistencies were reliable and stable to measure the research results by testing its reliability. The data was processed using statistical package for social science (SPSS, version 20).The quantitative data were analyzed by using descriptive statistical analysis. In descriptive analysis, the data was presented in tabular form and described the situation of the project environments. From the study results, there is a poor implementing practice of project management process, the project is run under the risk of costs overrun and time delay due to poor project management process and practices. Therefore, project manager and team leaders should be taken in to account to ensure that project management process groups are adequately considered and implemented from starting to finish the project work.



Scoping process group, Planning process group, Launching process group, Monitoring and Controlling process group