Assessment of IT Project Management Practice in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


It is assumed that there are certain generally accepted project management practices which enhance the effectiveness of managing projects which are expected to be distinctive irrespective of the type of organization or project. Hence, the main purpose of this study is to assess IT Project Management Practices in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia using the ten project management knowledge areas defined by PMBOK. Primary data collection was done by semi structured interview and close ended questionnaire from employees involved in project work selected in census survey and as to secondary data CBE’s policies and procedures were reviewed. Accordingly, descriptive research design and quantitative approach were employed in this study. Number, percentages and mean were used to analyse the data obtained. The findings of the study showed that, in the challenges of the projects are both internal and external. Of the internal challenges, the projects time, cost and quality gap ranks the first; and from the external challenges of the project environment took the first place. On the other hand the study show that factors defined from PMBOK are practice by most of the e-PMO employees/respondents except that in time and human resource management which in turn displays there is a gap in practicing Project management. Nevertheless, with the dynamic environment and the IT project nature, CBE still need to implement the ten project management knowledge areas defined by PMBOK as a guideline



Project management, Project management, knowledge areas