Integration of Ergonomic and Work Study to Redesign J-Bolt Production Line: The Case of Ferric Belt Metal Processing and Engineering Factory

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Addis Ababa University


Work study is a tool of the investigation of a process by means of regular system the work is done in an industry, in order to achieve the best possible use of human, machine and materials available in the workstation. Ergonomics is fitting workplace conditions and work demands to capability of workers. The integration of ergonomics and work study requires new methodological framework that evolves from single approaches. Which clearly applies the principles of both and simultaneously guaranteeing better productivity and working condition. The objective of this study is to develop standard working procedures with reduced non-value adding activities and ergonomically designed working condition. Both primary and secondary data was used. To collect primary data direct observation and questionnaire was used. To analyze qualitative and quantitative analysis was employed and to compare the existing system and the proposed system arena simulation was conducted. The findings of this thesis indicate that the layout of the J-bolt production line is exposed to wastage of motion of workers and material that consume production time and there was no mechanical material handing on the line as well as there was awkward postures like forward bending and leaning, lateral bending and twisting, sitting above and below normal height and excessive forward reaching. Workers on the line facing different degree of pain in their body parts more than 53% of them face higher degree of pain in the lower back and half back. Also on average 9 injures are recorded per year. From the work measurement conducted and redesign the workstations the unit production time is reduced by 42.33% and the production volume is increased by 7 pieces per hour.



Ferric Belt Metal, Ergonomic, Redesign J-Bolt, Production Line, Engineering Factory