The Role of Investors and Sponsorship for the Development of Ethiopian Athletics

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this research was to investigate the role of investors and sponsorship in the development of Ethiopian athletics. To conduct this research, descriptive survey method was employed. The primary source of data were collect by means of questioner from sports personnel, athletes and sponsors and secondary source of data were document analysis from Ethiopia federal investment agency and from grate run office. Sampling techniques were employed to select purposively. Like wise, the collected data were analyzed quantitatively by using descriptive statistics such as, frequently count percentage and qualitatively by using narration mode. In many instances, sponsorship has proven to be the financial lifeblood of athletics sport tourism events held in regional areas, and often provides a majority of the revenue necessary to sustain the successful staging of such events. This quantitative and qualitative study examined through questioner and document analysis. Sponsors provided sponsorship to regional and federal athletic sport tourism events, sponsorship leveraging, evaluation of sponsorship effectiveness, and how sponsorships were initiated between sponsors and athletics sport tourism events. The results of this research found that the role of investors and sponsorship in the development of Ethiopian athletics. Professional sport personnel and athletes ( managers ) were well aware of the importance of reciprocating a return on investment to their sponsors. Both sponsors and sponsored tended to exhibit low levels of proficiency in being able to carry out effective sponsorship leveraging and evaluations, and as such leveraging and evaluation techniques employed in these sponsorships tended to be unsophisticated and inexpensive to execute.



Ethiopian Athletics