Vitamin A, B12, Foliate, Ferreting and Transferring Status of Se(Nod and Third Trimester Anemic Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care in West Showa Zone, Ambo Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Iron, folate and vitamin B12 play important roles in the healthy development and brain function of the fetus. The levels of these micronutrients in pregnant women are influenced among other factors by dietmy habits. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of iron biomarkers, serum retinol, B12, C-reactive protein (CRP) andfolate in second and third trimester pregnancies at/ending antenatal care in the west showa, Oromia region. One hundred four anaemic pregnant women were screened during their 2nd and j"d prenatal visit. A socio-demographic characteristic of study subjects were obtained and Hemoglobin (Hb), serum retinol, serum ferritin (sf), serum transferrin (sTjR), folate, retinol and vitamin Bil levels were evaluated. Based on WHO guidelines, anaemia was defined as severe Hb<7gIL, moderate 7-9.9gIL and mild 9.9-1 0.9gIL; ID as sf <12 pglL and sTjR >8.3glL. Serum folate and B 12 deficiencies were defined as levels <6.8 nglml and 150 pglml respectively. The mean age and gestational week 1vas 24.6±5 years and 23.3± 5.6 weeks re:,pectively. The mean concentrations of llb in serum were 10.5±1.2 gldL, 30.3±23.6 pglL for sf, 5. 4± 2. 8glL for sTjR, 1. 69±2.02JU1101lL for retinol, 7. 6±3.5nglml for folate, 187.4±53. 7pglml for vitamin B12 and 4.5±1.6 mglL for CRP. IDA was present in 32.7%, VitB l l deficency in 26.9% and fol ic acid deficiency in 2 7.9% of anaelllic pregnant women. Vitamin 812 and serum transferrin were associated with CRP (I· ~ 0.189; P ~ O. 015). Iron, vitamin A, vitalllin B12, and folate defiCiencies as well as infections were relatively common in the anaemic pregnant women. Vitamin A and vitalllin B12 supplementation in addition to iron IIIUSt be considered in pregnant women living in the study areas. Key words: Anaemia, Hemoglobin, ferritin, fo late, vitam in B 12, Vitamin A, pregnancy



Anaemia, Hemoglobin, ferritin, Folate, vitam in B 12, Vitamin A, pregnancy