Study on Continuously Supported Concrete Slab-On-Grade

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis deals with the study of continuously supported slabs-on-grade for residential buildings supported by soil. If we consider our country, Ethiopia, due to mass construction of residential buildings, the thickness of slab and area of reinforcement of the ground floor slab is not from the result of detail structural design, as a result the slab thickness and reinforcement bars are not uniform for same kind of slab on grade. In effect, if detail design is carried out for each slab-on-grade, it can be minimized to optimum design, which will have a significant difference to the total cost of the building according to the project. Therefore, this thesis will help to study a continuously supported concrete floor slab at grade. Concrete and reinforcement are the two primary expenses in cast-in-place concrete floor construction. Hence, by minimizing the thickness and area of reinforcement of the ground floor slab, the cost of construction can be significantly minimized. To emphasize and verify this study, a field test is conducted on four samples at Bole-Ayat Condominium Site. The result confirmed that by minimizing ground floor slab thickness and area of reinforcement, the cost of the construction can be significantly reduced.



Ground-supported slabs, residential buildings, Slab-On-Grade, Concrete