The Sexual Experience of Street Adolescent Girls from the Reproductive Health Perspective

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Addis Ababa University


This research focused on street children sexual experience and reproductive health. The study was conducted as a thesis research for the partial fulfillment of the Master of Social Work (MSW). The study was determined to assess the sexual experience reproductive health challenge, knowledge and skill of street children to solve reproductive health issues. The study area was conducted in Addis Ababa City Administration, Arada sub city around piazza Area. The study participants were Adolescents street children between the ages of 15- 19 years. Moreover, health centers representatives and the Sub-City Women, children and Youth Affair representative were participants of the study as well. The researcher employed qualitative research design by employing in-depth interview focus group discussion and key informant interview as tools for primary data collection. Street adolescent girls are exposed to different reproductive health problems because of environmental, personal, economic and health care service factors. The environmental factors include the environment they are living. The personnel factors include low attention to their reproductive health and the information gap while the economic factor is the economic problem they have on the street. Service related factors include service unfriendliness of the health care services for street children. The findings depicted street children are highly exposed to unintended pregnancy. Under the study nearly all i.e 16 participants face unintended pregnancy at list once in their stay on the street. Most of them did abortion as a means to avoid the unintended pregnancy.



Street children; Street Adolescents Girls; Sexual experience; Reproductive Health.