Assessment of Quality of ANC Service and its Association with Intention to Deliver in Public Health Facilities in Bishoftu Town, Oromia, Ethiopia

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Addis Abeba Universty


Background: ANC plays an important role in reducing maternal mortality and morbidity by detecting early risk factors in order to have an effective intervention in time and by linking the pregnant women to a planned delivery with a skilled birth attendant. Quality Antenatal care service can save the life of many pregnant mothers. Understanding quality of antenatal care in a health facility may be important for improvement of the service that could increase utilization of facility delivery. Objective of the study: To assess the quality of antenatal care and its association on intention to deliver in public health facility among ANC service utilizes in Bishoftu town. Method: Cross- sectional study supplemented by qualitative method was done at four public health facility found in Bishoftu town. Data was collected by using questionnaires at exit interview of clients, on provider competency and facility supply. Observational check list was used for provider performance. The study was conducted among 352 mothers who come for antenatal care service at the facility and health professional working at ANC clinic. The data was cleaned and analyzed by using statistical soft ware SPSS version 21. Result:-This study showed that overall satisfaction of client was as high as 84.9%. The satisfaction of women with secondary educational level was lesser than illiterate pregnant women (AOR = 0.32; 95 % CI, 0.11, 0.93).Others those who were poorly satisfied were because of long weighting time to get the service. This study also showed that higher proportion of health care providers were provide proper advice and information related to complications can occur during pregnancy. Health facilities have basic structural and medical equipments which was important to give ANC service. This study showed that pregnant women getting satisfaction on ANC service have great willingness and intention to give birth at health facility. Conclusions:-Overall satisfaction of antenatal care is high most of health care providers give Proper antenatal care service and health facilities were equipped with essential medical equipment and drugs for ANC service provision. Recommendation: To increase the ANC service satisfaction it is important to decrease waiting time at facility to get service. It is important to increase number of health care provider and extra room for ANC service provision and to improve service on recording and registration room.



Assessment of Quality of ANC Service