Exploring Community Based Organizations Efforts, Opportunities and Challenges in promoting the Well Being of AIDS orphans : a case in Zenebework Village ,Woreda 01,Kolfe Keranyo Sub City

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Addis Ababa University


In Ethiopia, community based organizations, like idirs, play a great role in conducting care and support services to HIV/AIDS orphans. But little is known about how well the needs of HIV/AIDS orphans addressed and less has been documented about how effective their care and support programs . This study has explored how CBOS established in the study area carry out care and support services to HIV/AIDS orphans and dealt with the challenges they encountered. The study was conducted in Kolfe Keranyo Sub-city Woreda 01, locally known as Zenebework area. Qualitative research design, Purposive and Convenience Sampling techniques with Phenomenological approaches were used to conduct the study. The qualitative data collection methods like FGD and KII and participant observation were employed to collect data from HIV/AIDS orphans, non-orphaned children, care givers, governmental and non-governmental employees, school teachers .The findings of the study revealed that, communities can get involved in responding to HIV/AIDS orphans and development issues to sustain the care and support activities However ,the study showed that the program could not fulfill the needs of all categories of HIV/AIDS orphans due to limited resources of the community . The major conclusion of the study is that CBOS have an important role to play in the response to HIV/AIDS orphans if capacitated, and supported with sufficient resources. The study also recommends alternative care and support arrangements, utilizing local resources efficiently and effectively, building the capacity of idir leaders and creating networks among stakeholders engaged in the care and support activities in order to alleviate the problems of HIV/AIDS orphans. Key Words: care, support, HIV/AIDS orphan, maternal orphans, paternal orphans, caregivers



Care; Support; HIV/AIDS Orphan; Maternal Orphans; Paternal Orphans: Caregivers