Evaluation of Knowledge Sharing Practice in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


These days the banking sector is operating in a highly dynamic and competitive environment. Thus, with these driving forces banks are starting to understand the relevance and importance of financial knowledge sharing. They are beginning to appreciate knowledge as the most significant and valued assets that lead to organizational excellence for competitive advantage. Therefore, the main aim of this study is to evaluate the practice of knowledge sharing at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia using Nonaka‘s SECI model of knowledge creation and sharing. Nonaka‘s SECI model consists of Socialization, Externalization, Combination and Internalization, which is crucial to assess individual, group and organizational knowledge flow from tacit-to-tacit, tacit-to-explicit, explicit-to-explicit and explicit-totacit, respectively. To this end, the necessary data is collected using questionnaire from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia southern Addis Ababa district and the departments of Human Resource, Information Technology, Procurement and Outsourcing to get the overall picture of the knowledge flow in the banking sector. The result of the study revealed that Combination phase is with low standard deviation value of 1.01, followed by Socialization with standard deviation of 1.17 and Externalization and Internalization have a similar standard deviation of 1.22. From this, we can understand that the bank has relatively in a good position in synthesizing explicit knowledge from the existing explicit knowledge to come up with organizational knowledge. However, the culture of tacit-to-explicit and explicitto- tacit knowledge sharing is minimal. The major barrier to share knowledge among employees of the Bank is lack of time for externalizing existing knowledge and internalizing new knowledge. As a result, the Bank needs to arrange appropriate time for enabling knowledge sharing practice among employees. Further research directions are recommended to enhance knowledge sharing in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.



Knowledge Sharing