Development of solid waste management strategy For hossana town

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Addis Ababauniversity


Solid waste, which is a result of day-to-day activities of human kind, needs to be managed in a proper manner. Hossana town, like other towns in Ethiopia, faces serious problems associated with poorly solid waste management system. This study is conducted with the objectiveto develop the solid waste management strategy in Hossana town. Different sampling methods were employed to select the study units like clustered sampling, systematic random sampling, and purposive sampling. Even thoughmost of the collected data from the interviewed households were qualitative in nature, it was also supported by quantitative information collected through survey and secondary sources. The study identified that the existing solid waste management problems are highly pronounced due to: no system is introduced for sorting wastes, no community bins (shared containers) for collecting household wastes, piles of solid wastes are often found everywhere (along roadsides, underneath bridges, in drainage channels and in other open spaces), weak implementation of government policy, laws, regulations and legislations, the general public has not been motivated to participate actively in solid waste management system, there are no formal and informal as well as private sectors involved in the operation, insufficient financial resources or inappropriate allocation of available resources, and poor institutional arrangements. The solid waste management strategies developed for the Hossana town have a number of importance for minimizing the problems that faced the current municipality’s proper solid waste management system.Finally, the study forwarded some important recommendations towards implementing the developed strategies to mitigate the existing solid waste management problems. Key words: Waste, Solid Waste, Solid waste management, solid waste management strategies



Waste;Solid Waste; Solid waste management; solid waste management strategies