Personality Type and Learning Style as Correlates of Academic Achievement: the Case of High School and Preparatory School Students in Wayutuka Woreda

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Addis Ababa University


Because adolescence typically is a time of preparation for adult roles, considerable attention has been paid to the development and expression of achievement during adolescence. Different research out comes indicate that personality types and learning styles play role in determining students’ achievement. Therefore, the present study was aimed at the investigation of the effects of some personality types and learning styles on high school and preparatory school students’ academic achievement. More specifically the major concern of this study was to examine the relationship between personality types and academic success; Learning styles and personality types and Learning styles and classes. Moreover, it also tries to identify whether there is the most preferred learning style at among high school students and whether there is significant difference among learning styles on the basis of academic achievement. For the study 330 high school and preparatory school students were randomly selected from Wayutuka woreda. Data on personality types and learning styles were obtained from personality types and learning style questionnaires administered to the participants. Data concerning academic achievement of the students was obtained from the high schools record office. Data were analyzed using statistical tools like Pearson product moment correlation coefficient, one way ANOVA & percentage. The result of the statistical analysis displayed significant relationship between personality type and achievement, significant relationship between introvert personality type and reflective learning preference and significant relationship. The result obtained using percentage to differentiate the most preferable learning style at high school level showed reflective learning style as the most preferred while activist was the least preferred. One way ANOVA was computed to see whether there is significant difference on the students’ academic achievement due to learning styles and the result revealed that reflective learning style was the best preferred. It was concluded that personality type and learning style along with factors like intelligence and achievement motivation can determine achievement at high school level. Finally it was suggested that teachers should have an awareness of individual difference in learning and appreciate this diversity and treat students accordingly for instance by encouraging introvert students actively participate in learning activities to make them complete whole person



Wayutuka woreda