Project Management Practices In Development Bank Of Ethiopia; The Case Of Non-Performing Loan Mega Projects Under An Ongoing Concern Scheme

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of the research was assessment on project management practices in DBE in case of projects under an ongoing concern scheme. The assessment was conducted using DBE PRLRD project team and project team at five mega projects site. The data was collected based on five point likert scale measurement and analyzed using descriptive statistic such as frequency, mean, and standard deviation; and presented using tables and textual constructs. The findings from the analysis shows that practice of project management in DBE based on selected project management practices project scope management, project human resource management, project communication management and project risk management practice were not properly and effectively applied while appraising, implementing, monitoring and controlling the mega projects. Finally, it was recommended that DBE have apply identified project management practices starting from early stage of projects properly and effectively to save upcoming projects from failure; further research also recommended for remaining project management practices, and the assessment also better if conducted for other sizes of projects in addition to mega projects.



Non-Performing Loan Projects, Mega Projects under, Ongoing Concern Scheme, Project Management Practices