The Effect of Divorce on Adolescents’ Self-Esteem: the Case of Adolescents at Federal first Instance Court

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to investigate whether there was a difference in self-esteem of adolescents who come from divorced parents and those from intact families. A total of 200 adolescents (100 from intact family and 100 from divorced family) participated in the present study. The study sites were federal first instance court and Atlas primary and secondary school. Systematic random sampling technique was applied to select adolescents from intact families at Atlas primary and secondary school. Adolescents from divorced families were drawn based on the availability sampling technique. Questionnaires were used to collect the data. Data was analyzed employing descriptive statistics, correlation and t-test. The findings show that there is a significant difference in self-esteem between adolescents from divorced and intact families. The results also revealed that there is no significant difference in self esteem among female and male adolescents from divorced families. In addition, the finding revealed that there is a statistically significant positive relationship between age of adolescents that come from divorced families and their self- esteem. The study suggested that Orientation and training should be given to parents/guardians of adolescents from divorced families on how to treat their children with warmth and affection to facilitate the conditions which are essential to foster their children’s self-esteem



Federal Instance Court