The use of Facebook in corporate PR: the case of Ethiopian Airlines

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Organizations, including corporate commercial organizations, seek public attention for a variety of reasons. The introduction of social media to the dynamics of marketing exchange between firms and users has shifted the attention to non-transactional customer behavior. Facebook, in particular, is regarded as one of the most important platforms for such organizations to reach out to their target audiences and engage with them. Public relations professionals largely view social media specially Facebook as a “cost effective way to receive greater reach for research and timely targeted dialogue. This study particularly focuses on the use of Facebook in corporate organization: the case of Ethiopian airlines. Both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection were employed in the study. For the qualitative method, interviews, FGD-focus group discussion, webinar based interviews were used as a means of data collection tool. For the quantitative method, questionnaire was used as a data gathering tool. The questionnaire was distributed to 46 selected participants. Information collected from participants was organized as a data and were analyzed through statistical percentage for quantitative and thematic description for qualitative. Results obtained from the data indicated that the use of Facebook incorporate organizations is vital for communicating organizational community and external customers at large. Facebook eased the way PR works and proved to be one of the most important communication tools and/or platform through which effective interactive communications are made. It’s found to be cost effective, time friendly and of course traceable.Participants of this research, as were proved from the data, indicated that they categorically use the Ethiopian airlines Facebook page to gate updated information of their concern. Facebook enabled them to interact with the PR department personnel to have answers for their frequently asked questions. This research also tried to figure out key challenges and opportunities of using Facebook in Corporate PR. Finally, the research has put efforts to conclude and recommend the way forward and prospects of using Facebook in corporate organization based on the findings discussed.