An Assessment of Factors Affecting Participation of Women in Management Position: the Case of Ethio Telecom Company

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Addis Ababa University


Women face multi-faceted challenges to participate in management position due to different factors. The purpose of this research is to examine women's possibilities to advance to leadership positions. This thesis is based on the fact that there are less female leaders than male leaders, both in the country and in the company. The objective of this study is assessing the factors affecting women’s participation in management position in selected ethio telecom Company. It also aimed to examine the major barriers that hinder women’s participation from leadership and to evaluate the impact of gender gap in managerial position. In order to meet these objectives, qualitative research methods were used. The data was collected by interviewing and conducting questionnaires for top management position of the company to explore the current gender practices in the company and assessing the factors for low representation of women in managerial position. Consequently, non-probability purposive sampling was used to select the respondents and discussants of the study. The findings showed that women are highly underrepresented in higher level positions due to some factors such as educational gap, socio- cultural attitude; organizational culture and company recruitment and promotion practice are the major ones. Due to this women’s are unable to get role model and less confidence for the position. Thus, in order to minimize the existing gender gaps in decision making place, the company needs to implement affirmative action at managerial level, giving quota number for women at entrance stage as well as clearly needs to set the criteria while assigning employees at managerial positions



Women in management, Ethio telecom company