An Assessment of Motivational Factors Associated With Teachers’ Performance in Government Secondary Schools of Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this descriptive study was toinvestigatethe extent of motivational factors and its association with teachers’ performance in Addis Ababa City Government secondary school.To address the purpose of the study three research questions were formulated; the research questions were primarily to what extent a teacher intrinsically motivated?, to what extent a teacher extrinsically motivated? And what is the relationship between motivational factors and teacher performance? The study used a descriptive survey method by incorporating both quantitative and qualitative data.This study used 185 school teachers and 55 school leaders’ respondents randomly selected using a lottery methodfor347teachersin selected secondary schools of Addis Ababa.In addition, 10 key informants’fromseven principals and threesubcity teacher development expertswere included.Closed questionnaires were used for gathering data. Data collected through a self-administered questionnaire filled by teachers and school leaders.The Average cronbach’salpha reliability indices of 0.805 and 0.883 teachers and school leaders respectively, In addition, the interview was conducted to the key informant. The data obtained through questionnaire were liable to quantitative analysis were coded and entered into SPSS version 24 and excel sheetto analyzed using simple descriptive statisticstandard deviation, mean difference, mean and also t-and p-values comparing during the data analysis.Qualitative data gathered through interviews were analyzed qualitatively through descriptive narration.The major findings of the research were teachers were moderately intrinsically motivated,teachers were low extrinsically motivated teacher was moderatelymotivation and accomplishmentin addition to teachers were moderately performed. There is a positive relationship between motivational factors and teacher performance in the study area. Finally the researcher recommends that develop a motivational framework,to facilitate positive competition among teachers.To rises the teachers’ performance and achievement in teaching learning process it is important that schools should deal with sufficient budget to supple needed teaching materials and is strong for applied usage in the laboratory, library, ICT center...etc. Furthermore, it should increase positive work competition among teachers by grading performance of the teachers’ bi- monthly based on the fair initiative rewards with their strength. Key words: performance, Motivation, School leaders



performance, Motivation, School leaders