Utilization of Trained Traditional Birth Attendant s in Three Farmers Associations in Haykoch and Butajira Awrajil

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Addis Ababa University


The utiliza t i on of the trfl inad traditional birth at t endantn Associ a t.ions includ<2 li'eyt! G"bri ~ l , Gp.raba Fila and Aedo Konte la . The method of the s tudy \07.:18 by qu e:-J ti o rs~ <1:lr(! i n t(!rvi~ 'h' ..... \.i r" . _ All mot hers with children l es9 the.n t hr e~ years of age in Aedo Kontcln a nd 'with ch i ldr.cn l eGs thcm six months of age in the Q~he:r t\.;ro Farmers ' ASDocifltlons ~'lere intcrvit:.wed. Five t rained tradi tio ll.~ l birth attendants, one community health agent , the c hRirpersons of v]omen ~ s Associ.1.tions, f!nd the h·~a lth personnel wh'21 Cl r C! invob 7ed in t h :~ t7.:'~in ing nnd l or su p ~ rv :!.sion of thr~ trained tr<!ditioi1'l1 btrth £n: t end~ntt1 were a1.sG interviewed" The find ings re vc" l eu t he l()u utilization of t rained tradit j.onal birth nttt~ ndants . Ant ~ n 8 t al service wan ri!ndered to only t hree of the mothol's . Ninte"n women (15.1%) ",e re n ttended by trainer] tre.ditione.l birth .Clt t end;mta during delivery. Of all mothers, 48 (38 . l~l,) hr.d knowV; dg" 0 11 child s pa cing and out of thesd, on~ mothlJT. ncquired h(;,,;r knc'Nl edg..: from trained trttdit.1.onnl birth nt: t endan t and th·~ r . .'! ~"Jt from clinic s~aff. Sup ~ rvicion of t r ained erudition;ll '0i -rth nt t Cf,dnnts i s not done i n theSe! thrc? Fanners ~ Associntlons .



Utilization of Trained Traditional Birth Attendan